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Production volume in 2017 was more than 50 thousand tons!

More than 100 customers only in March!

36 farms and processing plants involved;

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We welcome to cooperation all farm enterprises and meat processing plants!

Lots of partners throughout Ukraine.

What we do:

We cooperate with lots of meat processing plants and farms of Ukraine. The main activity is the sale of minced meat, meat and meat products. Our portfolio offers a wide range of chicken, beef, pork, turkey, lamb, horseflesh and other kinds of meat products. Currently we have a broad and extensive dealer distribution network throughout the country. We also cooperate with many retail chains and meat processing plants of Ukraine.

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Company UkrMyaso (УкрМясо) is more than eight years in the market. And we value the cooperation with worthy partners.


You can visit our Ukrainian website which features our products.

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We invite to cooperation all farm enterprises and meat workshops.


We welcome farm enterprises and meat processing plants in Poland and Germany.

If you are interested in selling your products in Ukraine write or call us!

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