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Production volume in 2017 was more than 50 thousand tons!

More than 100 customers only in March!

36 farms and processing plants involved;

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Company UkrMyaso (УкрМясо) is more than eight years in the market. And we value the cooperation with worthy partners.

Our contact details and requisites are listed below, and you can fill in the feedback form and we will contact you!


vt_logo_style1-largeTOV “UKRM’YASO-1” (ТОВ “УКРМ’ЯСО-1”)

Ukraine, Kyiv, 68 Mayakovskogo Avenue

office 233

Tel./Fax: : +38 044 337 35 80

Tel./Fax: :+38 ‎050 700 49 19

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Web site:

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